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哈佛大学最近改变了与位于剑桥和波士顿马萨诸塞州25Msf物理厂的维护和运营相关的所有关键工作流程。这个成功的项目会影响超过700名员工,包括250多个Ezmax移动用户。本项目的独特挑战包括所有资产和工作管理记录的全部整合,并在三个独特的劳动协议,采购和客户结算上进行每小时工资单。(Harvard’s internal groups compete with external vendors for services, under a full cost recovery model. This “zero mandates” environment produces clear accountabilities and value measurements for the decisions of insourcing versus outsourcing.) The results of this project include a comprehensive set of integrated tools expected to dramatically increase efficiencies, improve regulatory compliance, and lower administrative costs. Annualized results include elimination of more than 50,000 time cards and 250,000 lines of payroll data entry; 70,000 paper work orders; 12,000 paper purchase orders, more than 10,000 additional forms extending to materials needs, time off requests, and overtime tracking. All of the new Maximo / EZMax Mobile functions are directly interfacing with existing Peoplesoft®, Oracle®, and Progress® databases. This presentation will include a brief review of the fully integrated and paperless tools for: employee entry of daily time cards; absence reporting and time off requests; supervisory management of active and forecasted staffing rosters; automated distribution of overtime offers and response tracking; interactive vendor portal for materials requests; real time tracking of those orders from initial request through to final delivery at the local work site; reporting and tracking use of Lock Out / Tag Out equipment; fire safety system impairment and restoral tracking; reporting logs of all building inspections and tour results; real time work status updates for customers; as well as on-line work requests and reporting.